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Skin application
You can use these tips and instructions for all devices. The application process is quite simple, although it must be done with patience and attention to details. Please, read these instructions thoroughly before you start.

1. Clean your device and hands before the application. Avoid using cleaning agents on the device, a soft cloth is better (make sure it is dry). We advice to chose clean and quiet space.

2. When applying the skin on a MacBook, it will be helpful to use a plastic card to smooth the skin on the surface of the device and remove occasional air bubbles.

3. The hair-drier can be helpful for application of iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil and AirPods skins. This tip allows to warm the skin a little bit and make it stick better in rounded parts of a smartphone. If you don't have a hair-drier around, in order to apply the skin, it is enough to smooth it with your hand several times till its sticked to the surface.

4. We recommend you to start applying the skin on AirPods case by matching it with the lightning port and the Bluetooth button.

5.We recommend you to use a base from the skin during the application process for your convenience.

Skin removal

Skins are easily removable, just take off the corner and pull it.

For better understanding of application and removing processes, check video guides below:
    Нанесение покрытия на MacBook
    Нанесение покрытия на iPhone
    Нанесения покрытия на iPad
    Нанесения покрытия на AirPods
    Удаление покрытия с MacBook
    Удаление покрытия с iPhone
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